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How to add animated Gif to WordPress website? - Startup Web… Example (WordPress) and instructions on how to create an Animated GIF - a lightweight responsive animation that works with all browsers and social media How to Post a GIF on Facebook Comment | Facebook GIF Comment Add GIF to Facebook Comment: we are discussing How to add GIFs to Facebook comments. Facebook users across the world can now add GIF to Facebook comment Animated GIFs – The Public Domain Review Animated GIF created by Emily Beliveau, spelling out a very special message… (if you’d like to work it out here’s the guide) Source: Military Signalling (1920…more

But how should you use animated GIFs on Facebook -- and how can you make them? Let's find out. How to Easily Animate Your Next Facebook Post To post the animation to your page, you have to grab the URL of the file and paste it into your status update box. You cannot use the Upload Image How to Add/Post Animated GIFs on Facebook... | TechApple Facebook Tricks And Tips. How to Add/Post Animated GIFs on Facebook Website/App (Works How to post a GIF on Facebook (Mobile or PC) -2017 Guide With... Learn How to post a Gif on Facebook from your PC or Mobile phone (Android, iPhone). You can simply upload and share animated GIFs as a comment or Status.

How to Post Animated Gif On Facebook ~ Basic Facebook Help Recently, Facebook has begun offering its users to use computer animated gif images under chat box apart from sticker labels. Currently you can use gif images additionally to communicate your expressions... How to Post an Animated GIF on Facebook | Digital Trends Stills not enough? Here's how to post an animated GIF to Facebook. It's 2016, and the rise of the meme has catapulted the animated GIF into the public eye. Where once we might have posted a boring picture or an obnoxious video, GIFs now reign supreme. How to Create Animated GIFs For Your Facebook Posts Creating animated GIFs to post to your Facebook page can go a long way in increasing your engagement and reach. Facebook has been experimenting with allowing animated gifs on their site for quite some time. Early reports of embedded gif functionality started in the early days of 2015, and... How to post a GIF on Facebook | Trusted Reviews

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